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Folding structures

Pergolas Folding structures

Pergola is an excellent choice for large terraces, gardens and outdoor areas of shops and houses, but also for covering small areas. They function either as a decorative construction or as a combination of outdoor shading systems. The support bases of the pergola are made of iron or aluminum, while the upper part has a frame made of 100% aluminum and can be selected from a variety of designs and colors.

The pergola type shading systems can be fully automated, with motors and remote control for greater ease of use. LED lighting with Dimmer can be added to the construction for an impressive result even at night.

With the use of the pergola we aim to provide maximum comfort in the exterior of a building in terms of temperature, lighting and ventilation. This is achieved thanks to the natural configuration of the air and the sun that the construction allows. In addition, the structure of the pergola allows protection from heavy rainfall and strong winds. We create a completely airtight outdoor space, which one can enjoy all year round regardless of the season and weather.

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